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Frequently asked questions

When can I start?

You can legally take your theory test anytime after your 17th birthday, provided you have a provisional driving licence.

How do I book my theory test?

If you book a course with Signal Driver Training we will book a theory test for you at the nearest available centre to your home address. If you require a specific date, please give as much notice as possible

What happens once I passed my theory?

You must let Signal Driver Training know immediately your theory certificate pass number, to enable us to book your practical test.                             

What is the big advantage of an intensive course?

A complete beginner could take the best part of a year having one lesson a week. On an intensive course it can be done within the week.

Am I just being taught to pass the test?

No, not at all, with doing a full day driving you can go further afield than just the area where you are going to take the test, thus giving you a broader driving experience.

What do I need to take with me on the day of my test?

For your theory, both parts of your driving licence (the photo and the counterpart) and the appointment letter. For your practical test, both parts of your driving licence, the appointment letter and the theory pass letter would also be useful. Failure to take both parts of you licence would mean No Test and loss of fee.

Is it true you are not allowed to drive back after the test?

No, but usually the instructor drives back. This allows you to calm down after your test, win or lose you’ll still be thinking it through.

Will I be sharing the car whilst training?

No, it is always on a one to one basis.

What car will I take my test in?

The one in which you do your training.


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