Signal Driver Training

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Fleet Driver training will improve your drivers' safety Fleet Driver Training can reduce you insurance claims Fleet driver training can increase your productivity and efficiency

Signal Driver Training provide specialist training for your drivers. This helps you reduce risks to your employees and vehicles, reduce costs, and to help you comply with Health and Safety regulations. We will help you to identify risks in working practices and help employees to identify risk factors in their own driving. Once these risks have been identified, we will help you to reduce or eliminate them.

Why do drivers have accidents? 

  • Tiredness
  • Inappropriate speed 
  • Poor driving techniques 
  • Lack of planning and anticipation 
  • Taking risks
  • Lack of driving experience

What is the purpose of Driver training?

  • To reduce the risk of driving related accidents 
  • To reduce driver related stress 
  • To reduce absenteeism from work due to accident or stress related illness 
  • To reduce vehicle repair costs 
  • To reduce vehicle insurance claims 
  • To improve productivity and efficiency
  • To reduce your culpability under the Corporate Manslaughter Act

What is the Corporate Manslaughter Act and how does it affect me?

Fleet Risk Assessment and Driver Training